I overheard some of the same remarks on how "things are not done that way anymore"; I had to smile.
I will probably check out the exhibit on Rembrandt next weekend. I also tend to overload after a couple of hours.
I've started photographing the Greek & Roman galleries with HIE with mixed results. I think I'm getting there too late (3-4PM) to take advantage of the brightness from the skylight. Next time I'll go back late morning and I will take notes and do some tests to get a better handle on the HIE exposures.

Frank, did you look at "Light on Stone", a book available in the MET's main shop? The photos are by one of their staff photographers (Joseph Coscia, Jr.). It's very nicely done and I was compelled to fork over $40. to get it. I resisted temptation in getting the book on the early British photographers ($75. or so) but I may some day succomb to temptation, maybe as early as next week.