The comparison between ID-19 and ID-14 is interesting - I'll try some A/B comparisons between the two (once I have compared D19 and D19b)

Maybe the ID-72PQ as I already have phenidone here and can scratch ordering the metol

Again though, just out of interest> what does 'Clean working Industrial' mean in terms of subjective qualities in the final print ? I know I have plenty of examples here as its what I have been using, but I am not very good at reading differences in developed negs with nothing 'standard' to compare them with (like the same neg in D76 for instance)

Thanks for the chart, its a pretty good starting point ! It really shows there are some pretty standard chemicals when it comes to the Metol/Hydroquinone developers - I'll try to find out what each of the components do, like Sodium Sulphite is there in every one, it must do something vital ...