Thank you! This is exactly what I had in mind. (My daughter is only six, I wonder if it is OK to let her play with mercury vapors or if I have to wait four years.)

We call it Indian Summer here as well, it's just that we don't have it... maybe I should restart this thread in a month?


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It's been near 90f for days in NYC...we call it Indian Summer over here.

It may be dry for some but I found Beaumont Newhall's "The Daguerreotype in America" fascinating, funny and inspiring. If a 10 year old "operator" could make a perfect $1 dag in Mathew Brady's NYC galleries, I can make a decent cyanotype.

Also "The Poet of Prague" about Josef Sudek. He had one arm and lugged an 8x10 or a huge panoramic camera all over that city and I was moaning about my Mamiya c330f.

Be well