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I'll buy just about anything if it's cheap enough!
My guess is that Agfa is the manufacturer ... a *wild* assumption based on the "red" on the package. Agfa seems to be partial to using the color red.

I'd be curious to find out about its age; Although Kodak does imprint "Safety Film" on the margins of its film - to advertise the fact that it is not a nitrocellulose base material "(read *FLAMMABLE* as #$@!) I don't think Agfa has done that for many moons. Interesting.

You should be able to tell more from the film backing itself.

A while ago, I bought a single roll of exposed "Ansco Plenachrome" in an antique shop in North Carolina. My best research indicates that it was probably exposed in the late 1930's. I developed it in Rodinal (made a "clip" test") and succeeded in getting images!! That film DID have a nitrocellulose (incidentally, the main ingredient in smokeless gunpowder) base.