Interesting point Les. I am fortunate enough to live in a city with a major photographic school as well as people like Jack Dykinga living in it. So we have a couple of decent labs here and one very good one. But this is a rarity. And it does seem that the analog processes are being ignored by many labs in favor of the digital ones. One lab I tried before I found the really good lab looked impressive. But it turned out they were pretty much all focused on digital and working in that medium. They could do 95% of the stuff you needed O.K., but if you had anything odd they were pretty much useless. They had an incredibly hard time with the rolls of Macophot IR I gave them. To start with the were unable to find the developing specs (which happened because they were looking under MACROPHOTO not MacoPhot...apparently someone there couldn't read), and then they ripped a roll. And they still charged me full price! But they had the latest and greatest digital gear, so they got that crowd.

I can seriously see a decent market appearing for home E-6 supplies and equipment in the future.

And regarding nudes -

One thing I look for in a lab to do nudes is age and professionalism. If there is a spotty faced youth behind the counter they will NOT get any nudes I have taken. The lab I regularly use has an older staff. Probably in the mid 30s to early 40s. The counter help is probably a minimum of 25 years-old. And that is just a couple of women (less chance of of them having a purient interest in any nudes I take). On average they are older and more experienced. So I get proffesionalism and quality work.