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Hello Everybody
At the moment I'm contact printing with the help of my durst m800 enlarger as a light source. I still use the 85 unicon condensor but for the moment has put a piece of heavy paper on top of it to diffuse the light but with the lens off.
I want to get the most out of my contact prints using as diffused light as possible, and still keeping it simple. My darkroom is very small (aprox 1.5 squaremeters) So I'll have to use my m800 as a light source. Now my question is, what is most effective to get diffused light. Should I use the lens to get more or less light or not (does the lens direct the light?), should I still use the condensor with a diffuser above it or should I discard the condensor all together. Also what makes the most effective difusing device between the light bulb and the paper, frosted glass?
Any input is greatly appreciated!
Best Regards
Mads Hartmann
I personally would set up the enlarger as if you were making an enlargement, i.e. with the lens fitted and focused. This way you can be sure that the light is even. Any diffusion I would apply immediately on top of the plain glass which you presumably are using over your negative and paper. One cheap material I have used for diffusers is white opal PVC, sold in supermarkets as a kitchen cutting board. This is very diffuse and very even but cuts the light by only 1 stop. White Perspex (Plexiglass) would be fine too.