Ilford Sportis work quite well with the newer emulsions (HP5 for example) with less vignetting on "older" type emulsions (much less vignetting on Fomapan 400)
Still pretty sharp, nice glass lens, usually no lightleaks, metal body, however scores a "9/20" on the current theoretical toy camera scale vaguely being developed on's forum.

The vignetting sort of comes and goes, a bit like my holgas. In brighter light it's less severe than indoors or in shade.

Also I think the "slow film" theory is horribly flawed. It's still an aperture of f/8-f/10 and usually an option for f/16. The standard toy camera rules apply... 100 (or possibly 50) film for super sunny days, 400 for winter/shade, and, well, the two black & white shots I've included were on Delta 3200.