I can understand that way of working, because I too have a digital camera which is used, like b.e states as a note pad. But we've somehow changed tracks here. At the begining of this thread, as I understood it, we were talking about shooting a bunch of 35mm film, and throwing out 75% or so of the bad stuff. To me that sounded like the remaining 25% were the "finished fotos".

Now shooting 35mm might be useful in some respects, due to the nature of the camera and film size, one might be "fooled" into thinking that a subject or scene may or may not be well suited for LF film.

And then there is the feeling I personally would get. And that is, going back to the same location would feel like a re-shoot. And the clouds and light would be different than in the 35mm shot, and heck, nothing is worse than a re-shoot. ;-)