Thanks Sly. I am glad you enjoyed them. The gateways are ongoing (my nieghbors like thier guns-so I tend to be rather cautious when photographing! Halochrome is a silver toner from Rockland (the Liquid Light folks). Interesting stuff.

No word from kaygee. I hope all is well!

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How lovely to come home from our camping trip to find 2 prints from Valerie Thanks a bunch Valerie. I'm intrigued by your project with entranceways - will you be posting any to the gallery? The gated one you sent doesn't look very friendly. I quite like the birthday "bonus" photo - captures the excitement of a youngster so well. I've never heard of Halochrome toner before. (I'm discovering on APUG that there is ALOT of stuff I've never heard of.) I've not toned my photos very often - I'll have to do some explorations with toner.
Have not heard from kaygee - did anyone in group 8 hear from her?