I get the impression, on reading the article, that Monsieur Bond did not expose as much as I would expect in order to make educated and experienced decisions about any film-dev combo. What are people's opinions about this? I believe testing in the lab is one thing and it is another to actually expose the film-dev combo to real-world variables (i.e. wind, water, shake, timer, agitation, etc, etc, etc.). How many sheets does one need to expose before a conclusion about the combo can be made? In my case, my first 100 sheets of Efke PL100 did not close the deal for me with Pyrocat HD. I merely saw its potential. I nearly gave up because of Efke's extreme fragility. My guess would be between 100 to 150 sheets of real world photographs qualifies someone to make informed, PUBLISHED decisions about whether a fil-dev combo is useful or not. I sincerely hope that Monsieur Bond did just that amount - but I suspect otherwise.