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To add another kink to this, how about doing a test of unsharp mask vs stand development. From what I have heard those who practice SD seem to swear by it and the sharpness it produces.
Jorge, I do not own a densitometer (anymore - sold it 6 years ago). I did want to compare my normal agitation procedure (i.e. continuous but gentle tube agitation) versus minimal agitation (a less extreme form of semi-stand dev). I was convinced to try this by people who swear by SSD, partly to make my own conclusions and partly to, hopefully, prove them wrong. My test was very simple: expose two sheets for each scene, develop one using my normal way, the other using minimal agitation. I have about 70 pairs of 8x10s for comparison. Well, you know my motto all too well "one neg, one shot". And you also know which agitation method I have settled on. I am not much bothered by apparent sharpness issues, althought that is there too. I was more interested in which method produced the better local contrast. For me, the only way to find this out was to use up film and then print both to compare. This is the kind of data I like to see people come up with when they compare film-dev combos.