Ive started at Salto 1 with George Charlier.
We have been doing test in waterless offset first.
We have printed all in 600 lines/inch dotscreen in two tone, 3 tone or quad tone. On several different papers.We have made the most beautifull books for several people.Making books ad that level is not easy, just a very small group of people can see the difference and are willing to pay for it.
It was a great place but many people past Salto and to make that quality you need to have passion, ambition and also be a little crazy.
So after 5 years I stopped and George went on and stopped with doing his own offset a year later.
Im now a general director of Rosbeek printers in Nuth
in Holland still making beautifull books, George is making beautifull prints in palladium and more.
I know where he lives and works but I dont know if he would apreciate it if I would put his address on the internet.
You can give me a call or send me a email and I can give you his cell phone number.

Best wishes,

Marcel Meesters[/quote]