There are some really terrific items listed here! More terrific, mostly, than my wallet

I have made some excellent finds and purchases by just getting lucky here in the states, such as a Moriyama "Farewell Photography" (the 2005 reprint) which I found just a couple of weeks back, still in the shrinkwrap and selling at retail for a small fraction of the typical secondhand prices... I also found a copy of the Szarkowski-curated catalog for the 1970's MOMA "Contemporary Japanese Photography" show and paid only a small fistful of bucks for it. Like new.

When I was at Moriyama et al's PlaceM recently, I started counting up the Japanese photo books with ENGLISH titles -- they are a significant majority! This is common for many Japanese books, but really prevalent for photo books. Wonder why that is. Few are really known outside Japan.