Thanks very much for the information.
Yes I had read about Coffer and Quinn's books and DVDs. I will most likely be sending off for the Coffer one. I think the DVD would be quite helpful. I found the YouTube videos quick explanatory.
As I suspected the responses conjured up more questions.
Thanks for the info of glass vs. metal. I went to the main trophy site and I'm not sure which type or thickness is typical. Someone care to help me out there? Also, what thickness of glass is typical?
Smieglitz thanks for all the information. I can know see all the possibilities with colored glass....very cool. Also, your mention of the silver nitrate in the developer making it go towards neutral brought up another question. Do anyone use the developer once and discard for this reason?
RobertP thanks for all the information. One of your last comments is the first I've read of having to add salts, ether and ethyl alcohol to the collodion. So are they just selling the gun cotton? Where do you get ether? I know ether should be tough to get because of 'other' naughty uses out there.
Last question for now: any reason why the plates can't 'dipped' or 'dunked' in collodion to get smooth coverage? I'm talking about positives but assuming it's because of the waste of collodion (and then silver later). I could also see that being a problem on glass, but on aluminum it seems like the only problem would be wasting chemicals.
Thanks again for the help.