Funny, this came up..I have a sub (for now) to PT and saw the article. There were other articles in the issue that interested me more and I decided to save myself the bother to read the complete article after glancing over Mr. Bonds conclusions...It is his opinion, he is entitled to it. Not that I agree, but since I have no experience with any of the Pyro developers, it will not change my mind. I still plan to try Pyrocat-HD and really don't care what Mr. Bond thinks.

It seems the more I learn about these things the more I find it is best to try something that interest me and leave the nuts and bolts to those that enjoy these things - or at least enjoy the debate. I find that my work looks more like I want it to using Rodinal, semi-stand development. Does it work for everyone, Heck No! I have seen some work here posted by folks using HC110 that I think is really Great.

Now, I would like to try some of the masking techniques that have been described, but as of now have not done so...I mean there are some really good works in the galleries done by Jorge, Francesco and others that don't seem to need masking or stand or semi-stand I guess Mr. Bond found something that works for him and since he is in the business of writing articles thought he would find a way to demonstrate WHY his method is best. Someone will agree with him and follow his path, most here do not.

Nothing to get worked up over for sure, bad press for PT? Probably, let the vendor that advertise in the mag know, that will get more attention than anything. Me, I have no interest in the article and will not bother to read it.