Found another source of borax. Had only been able to find 20 Mule Team, and at last one source of that.

Pool supply stores have been referenced for hypo/fixer but hard to confirm actual product contents per some readers.
Here's one borax source:
NOT "Supreme Plus" - that has additional components, boric acid and fragrance. Still costs more than 20 Mule Team - strange that this is the case.

While I'm here, the same company has a sodium thiosulfate 'ChlorOut' product.
Haviland Chlor Out - I found MSDS(to confirm contents) the other day with alot of searching, but not tonight. Their web page will let you bring up Chlor Out for shopping basket but no MSDS - can't verify it's a current product. Lots of discounted 2# bottles on eBay, however.