I am going to take a different position on this because in spite of the misinformation about the toxicity of pyro, and his conclusion, with which I donít agree, Mr. Bond's latest article in Photo Techniques is actually quite good. I think he did ask some of the right questions and his methodology is sound. Just for the record, he compared in the article both VC and graded silver papers with several different developers and films, and his sensitometric data amply supports many of his findings, including the following.

1. In printing with VC papers PMK negatives give highlight compression, which according to Bond results in darker, flatter highlights.

2. Graded papers print the same with both PMK and conventional developers.

3. TRI-X is one of the best films for use with PMK when printing with VC papers because its rising curve compensates for the highlight compression.

Bond is not saying anything that some folks on this list who understand pyro developers donít already know but so far as I know he is the first person to back up all of these findings with sensitometry.