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Coating Company A's products on Company B's product line would not be the work of a moment.
Of course you are absolutely right. True... It will probably take years and years if you really want to deliver the same product...

So, Kentmere will continue to be Kentmere, which is why I don't really understand...

Well, all I can say is I'm glad that FotoImpex has resurrected Agfa MCP and MCC -because I've certainly bought my last box of Kentmere Fineprint...though I rather doubt Ilford will be offering it for very long, anyhow
...why you will not buy Kentmere from today onwards... (or am I misinterpreting this comment?)

Or are you just expressing the fear that certain products will be discontinued? Might happen, who knows (in mergers or takeovers of two similar companies, this usually happens sooner or later, to a lesser or greater extent), but while it's still around, why not keep using it?