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In view of the Kodak statement that's just been posted its good to have some good news.
Perhaps if Simon has a few quid spare in his back pocket he can follow through and snap up a bargain at Rochester...
Seems to me like a good move all round. I don't imagine that Kentmere have been having an easy time of it and a merger with Ilford looks on the face of it to be a good safety net for both of them as well as all of us! Whilst Ilford are a friendly, helpful bunch, let's not forget that they are a business, so yes, they will be looking to sell their products for the maximum amount they can (wouldn't we all?) but in the current climate for me they already don't have any competition (just try buying Kentmere in Plymouth) and any rises will always be tempered by potential customer losses to the d*****l market.
The very best of luck to both companies!