Hi Ty. Nice to see someone closeby doing tintypes. Thanks for the answer on the speed, I figured as much
There is another question about time that I'd like to ask to you or the community itself. What are the time constraints involved. I haven't really found much in terms of that. It sounds like you need to wait a 'little' before putting the plate in the silver, then after that I don't know how long you have to make the exposure and get it developed. Are we talking within 10, 20, 30...mins?? What kind of anomalies do start sprouting up as the plate starts to dry?


PS: well I'm now revested in an 8X10 and two lenses....so I'm that much closer....just don't tell my wife BUT I have an excuse. I can make a beautiful portrait of her beloved son. Yep, that's it!
I also sent off for Coffer's manual and DVD set.