This looks like the closed loop (builtin densitometry), auto focus, med. Format durst. I sold one on ebay for 1,600 last year, but never used it. The specs on it looked impressive, but the two AC L1200 seemed to be preferred by those who did use them. (AC may be cool in a production environment but for personal use, I don't know) The one I sold cost a whopping 16k new with 3 lens boards, 5 neg holders, and 3 lenses (it may have also had two mixing chambers)

Some of the features (as I remember)
Reciprocity compensation on long exposures
exposure compensation for lamp output
Exposure memory
auto filter pack settings
auto density
Pre sets for common sizes
auto focus
Speaks both german and italian (no english)
35mm - 6x9 (which reminds me ours may have been an ac 960 elite)

I can tell you this the booklet sitting on the enlarger is not the * real Manual* , but the crap that is more promotional then instructive. The real manual may be tough to find and is required to utilize all the goodies if not the enlarger as a whole. It may also need a target neg to set the auto focus.

It has been out of production for at least 3-4 years. Beyond that i cant help you.