My parents wouldn't let me touch their old kodak brownie camera. They bought me an instamatic when I was 10. My next camera didn't come until I was 16. That camera was a super 8mm Kodak movie camera that I won for out selling the rest of our Junior class in HS. That summer I earned the money and bought a canon ftb. I did an end run around the advisor of the HS yearbook, that refused to allow girls on the staff. I dated one of the guys who was a photographer, and did all of the work. He was too lazy to actually do a thing. That camera was stolen out of a company safe when I was working at Zion National Park two summers later. Next came a Canon F1, Which was stolen. Then Hubby got a Canon T-70, I got my first Mamiya 645. A few years ago I upgraded to the Mamiya 7II. 2 years ago I got my first LF, a Wisner 4x5. I'm still waiting for my 6x8 to arrive.