The next FREE large format workshop by Per Volquartz will be held Nov. 13-19. The location will be Zion National Park.

This area is very special to me. I lived in Cedar City Utah for 8 years. I spent 2 seasons working at the main lodge in Zion. Later I worked for a tour company that toured around the 4 corners region. I will have maps for eveyone to places most photographers don't see. Hopefully there will be enough 4x4's to get everyone to some of the places.

We will be staying at a motel/campground complex. That way those who wish to camp can.

November in Zion is enchanting with the light perfect to highlight the red rock. If the weather permits, it is also a good time to hike the narrows while the water level of the Virgin River is low.

For those who might fly in to join us, the nearest large airport is Las Vegas. St. George Utah which is about 35 miles away has commuter service from Las vegas to it's airport. there are car rental agencies in both cities. I know I will be passing through each of those towns. I have room for one person if they want to ride along from an airport.

There are some excellent gourmet resturants in Springdale. Facilities at the campground can accomadate those who which to cook their own meals. Springdale only has small grocery stores. Hurricane Utah about 18 miles away has large markets.

As usual the evenings will have demonstrations, good conversations, and for those who wish, good wine. I am wimping out and getting a motel room. I plan on having equipment along to process some of the shots I take. Those who need a darkroom, can use my jerry rigged bathroom darkroom.