Kodak Instamatic, it took 126(?) film cartridges. Then for a while my father sometimes let me use his Welta Welti, which I still have.

My first SLR was a Praktica TL3 with 28, 50 and 100mm lenses. Used that for a few years, then got a Pentax ME which served me well for many years.
Next I picked up a Lubitel 166U, which I later sold for two glasses of beer (a good deal for me). Then a folding Zeiss Ikon, before I bought a second-hand Bronica ETRS.

First LF was a Technika III with 4x5" reduction back. I then bought another one, with 5x7" back... When I found the Linhof color I traded in one of the Technikas along with the reduction back and a rather ratty 210mm Xenar.