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True. I had an old contact frame with scratches and pits that caused similar problems. A diffusion screen directly over the frame would send light under the scratches and minimize or eliminate them. Instead, I just had a new piece of regular glass cut, it was something like $3 bucks. As long as your springs are strong you shouldn't have problems with regular glass, but I have heard of some persons in humid areas where newton rings are more prevalent using a lightly frosted glass that still lets them see the neg. I wonder if that awful no glare framing glass would do the same thing? I would have trouble with a diffusion over the frame, as then I couldn't see to dodge and burn.
I switched to using just a piece of new 1/4 inch glass, but I really liked using the contact printing frame, especially since I am not using a real darkroom and the frame helped hold it all together. And I liked being able to dodge during the printing process, which I can't do with the diffuser in place, as you identified.

I can't figure out how to get the old glass out of the frame. For now I have taped off a section of the frame that is scratch-free, but it forces me to use the lower left hand corner of the 8x10 sheet rather than the center, and I would not be able to use a larger (5x7) negatives.