When I want to bleach (total) prints I use the bleach formula from ECN 2 process (potassium ferricyanide .. 40 g and sodium bromide ….. 25 g all for 1000 ml solution. After a good wash go in the fixer. In this case, you can have a good control of process (solution with constant proprieties) that a singe solution (have a little life of work). If you want only reducer a little of general density of the print I think this option is good if you use a dilution 1:5 for bleach solution.
For b/w negatives, I use only potassium ferricyanide (1.5 – 2.5 g/ 1000 ml) and after a good washing the film go in the fixer. The speed of silver dissolving, in this case, is little without sodium bromide.
I thing that the reducer with a single solution have same unknown finish.