Try Treck Hall, Deniz.

They have offices all over Canada and they do have a sales office in Vancouver. Send them a note as to what you want and they will fire off a quote to you. They do carry Kodak and Ilford 8x10. Try this link.;

You can also check out your locals stores in Vancouver as, surely, some of them can get Ilford and/or Kodak 8x10 for you as a special order. Buy a whole case of film (10 boxes of 25) as you will save $$$ in the long run.

If you want other brands such as J&C, you will pay dearly i.e FedEx, Duties, Brokerage fees, Taxes, and film... It'll come to well over $3 Cdn per sheet! Way too much.

Eight Elm, Vistek, are also possibilities but I am guessing they will be more than Treck Hall.