Shoot, I forgot one more thing ...

OK, some folks have asked if they could send nudes as subject matter. Oiy, this is going to be a interesting post, eh?

Well, it really is up to you in the end.

But .... consider this ....

You may not know your recipient. You may not their sensibilities and what may offend them. Further in some countries, any nudity may be considered pornography or the likes and you may get the person in trouble with possession. I don't know, I'm just speculating.

So, here's my suggestion. If you don't know the person, I would be on the safe side and send a flower or rock or a tree, that sort of thing. That's just a suggestion. It's not a rule people, so all you guys that shoot nudes, don't jump on my ass for this, k? And if anyone brings up freedom of expression, I am going to puke on you. Really, I am. :rolleyes:

Feel free to file my suggestion in the circular file.

Regards, Art.