[QUOTE=Alex Hawley]Yes, and Ansel himself has several examples in "The Negative" where he used pyro for one reason or another. He even gives the formulas for ABC and a PMK predecessor in the book.

Bond's statement about great pictures being taken without pyro is the one absolute truth in the article. I find all this pursuing of the magic bullet very boring. Its sort of like marketing fishing lures; every one of them is guarenteed to catch fish. But it doesn't gaurentee the user will know how to use it.[/QUOTE\]

Nahh… let the weenies fight it out. I find the arguments revealing and sometimes refreshing and informative. There is just no telling what will come of artists discussing their art. I once broke up a fistfight between two Regimental Band members who disagreed as to the proper method of carving an oboe reed.