My first camera, which I still have, was a brand new Pentax ME given to me for my 12th b-day. It had a SMC Pentax-A 50mm f1.4 lens on it (still does) and has served me very well in this hobby of mine.

Another piece of nostalgia for me was when I bought my first Nikon - an F4e during my university years. I remember feeling 'professional' and proud when I got that piece of machinery. That first Nikon has traveled the world with me and it was twice dropped (once in a creek and another down an embankment in a quarry!) and it still works fine (thanks to the surgeons at Nikon's repair service shop!).

A couple years ago, I bought my first Hassey. What can I say? It's a statement of elegance and engineering in one unit. Just like my other firsts, I'll keep this one for a very long time.

Nice thread.

Regards, Art.