Just out of curiosity, what kind of cases do people have here?

For airline travel I have an Amabilia hard aluminum case for my Hassey, but occassionally I'll carry it on board in a LowPro backpack with two lenses. When I go for 'fun' shoots, I just bring my Hassey in the LowePro.

I carry my 35mm SLRs in one of several LowePro backpacks, my largest having wheels as well for airline travel.

For all my studio gear I have a Tenba aircase that pretty much holds all of my lights (4), umbrellas (2), power unit (1), reflectors (4), softboaxes (2) and cables (even a barn door!). All the stands and tripods go into a regular no-name duffle bag.

I tend to travel with as little number of items as possible, not nessarily as little weight - although I wish that too sometimes.

Regards, Art.