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I have received the camera today aaalll the way from Rombo in Slovenia. Peter thank you very much! There are still 6 or 7 frames left. Seems a shame to waste them. Let me know if anyone wants to join in so we can keep this thing moving.

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Hi Nicole,

I would love to join in! Are you willing to send to US? Just paid my apug subscription by cc, so should be active soon. If there is still room in this round let me know and I will send my address via pm.

lisa nelson
Lisa, Be aware this is not a Round 5 of "Let's all shoot the same camera", it's round 1 (A, B, or C???). They had some... problems.

Round five sign ups might start next week. As Art has pointed out, it takes a short sustained burst of energy, then a long period of herding cats. I might have a break next week to get this organized.

tim in san jose