I use a padded computer knapsack for my 8x10" Gowland. My Tech V 4x5" usually resides in a Crumpler Fux Deluxe with photo insert. I have an f/64 large case for most of my 35mm setup, and a ScopePak for the 600/4.5. I usually check my tripod on planes in a Tenba TTP 34 case.

My favorite cases, though, have come to be old Perrin leather cases. They are really beautifully made, often are better suited to some of my older cameras, and look different enough from modern photo cases that they are a little less obvious about their contents than they used to be. They tend not to be as flexible in the way of dividers as newer designs, but I usually find some way to make them work. If I had to repair one of them, it's the sort of work any leather repair place could do.

The Perrin 200 is actually designed for use with a 4x5" press camera with room for holders, camera with grip attached, lenses and extras. The 700 is perfect for a medium format folding camera. I have a couple others for lighting gear and other stuff. The Kontur design was meant more as a working shoulder bag, so I have a large one for my 6x6 kit. The Kompak is perfect for 4x5 filmholders.