All, In spite of Art's warnings, I am going to set up a round 5 of "Let's all shoot the same camera".

The differences are:

I am donating a Cannon Sureshot 38 - 90 Zoom loaded with APX100 film 36 exposures.

Yep, Black and white. The camera is auto focus, auto exposure. It will have a new battery put in it. When you get the camera, turn it on, when you take your picture, turn it off.

The film will be developed in Rodinal 1:50 as per the Blinking Eye development chart. My development style is 3 inversion/rotations per minute. I process in distilled water @ 68F (21C).

My credentials? I have been developing B&W film for near 30 years. I am a graduate of NESOP, I majored in B&W projects and photo screen printing.

When the film returns, I will develop it, scan it, and post it on the APUG We all shoot the same camera gallery. I will then forward your negative to you, in a glassine envelope, for you to reprint, repost, whatever.

tim in san jose