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I began with the shadow mask by contact printing lith film with my camera negative to gain a shadow interpositive. I then took the shadow interpositive and created a shadow negative. I then took two of my shadow interpositives to gain density and contact printed those and the camera negative and a sheet of unexposed film in register to attempt the midtone value interpositive (since the midtone densities are lower then my highlight densities) but I ran into problems here since my highlight densities were too near my midtone densities. This is where I need to come up with a way to separate my midtone from highlight densities. Since the midtones will print through before highlights. I hope that I am making myself clear here. Any ideas on how to do that?

To answer your questions about using a long scale paper like Azo...While Azo is incredible, this technique will allow controls over print local contrasts and values that Azo will not. Printing with Azo, in my experience, allows limited means of print manipulation. It does offset some of this lack of control by the increased length of tonal scale. </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
You are going to have to make another lith mask of your highlights. When you make your shadow mask, make two of them. Then with the second shadow mask, bleach the parts where you have more highlights or where you want to separate the highlights from the middle values. This in effect will give more density to your highlight mask. With the bleached shadow mask make a new highlight mask which will be more dense in those parts where you want to hold exposure for the highlights. Now you have 1 good shadow mask, and two different highlight masks. one for close values to your middle tones, and one for those values which you plan to separate from your middle tones.

I hope I don&#39;t have to tell you how to bleach, right?

I think you actually made a boo boo and did not develop enough if your highlights and your middle values are that close, but this should help you. I have found myself in the same situation.