I have the usual cases for my equipment except two. One is for the pinhole camera and stuff that I use with it. It is an extra large can cooler I picked up at safe way. It is a double decker where the 6 packs fit on top of each other inside a nice padded case. I was surprised at how well it was made. The interior has a plactic pull out contaier that can be abused. It also proctecst the inside from any sharp corners tearing at the fabric. The very top of the case is a zippered pouch to hold ice. I use it for spare film holders.

The second box and one of the most fun is ( several have been saved) an old cardboard box I recieved flowers in from flowers.com. It holds my tripod in its case nicely. I have used it several times on airlines with no problems. I watch as they check through my boexes and suitcases, then duct tape it up again as they have passed it through the checking system. It just looks like an old flower box, not an expensive tripod.