I just finished restoring a Century 8x10 camera (http://www.largeformatphotography.in...ad.php?t=29267)

I still don't have film holders yet, but they are in the mail. I would like to do some panoramas and contact on to 16x20 paper.

To try it out I was going to get some foam (1/4 inch or so) to set on the enlarge baseboard, then I would place the 16x20 sheet of paper on this. Then place the two negatives side by side, just touching. Then put a piece of glass over this and make the exposure.

Is it really going to be this easy? I saw another post about someone having difficulty with the negatives moving around when the glass goes down. Do you think that will be a problem?

I stopped making "proof prints" in the early 80s so it has been a long time since I contact printed. As I recall, the negative really needs to be touching the paper for the image to be sharp.

I see the view camera store sells a 16x20 contact printing frame for $180. Anyone use one of these? Any opinions?

In terms of asthetics, I prefer a TRIPTYCH because the center of the whole image does not have the line going through it, but with a 210mm lens on the 8x10 camera I think the diptych panoramas can still be dramatic. My darkroom is limited by design to 16x20 max paper size. Another method would be to just do individual 8x10 contacts and then mount them side by side (of course I am still seeking a drymount press).

I'm also looking for an 8x10 enlarger (http://www.largeformatphotography.in...ad.php?t=25445) but it may take years to find one close to me, assuming I could even get it into the darkroom.