As a long time Ilford supporter this is sad news.

We recently bought a digicam to see how that fitted in with our household (my wife averages over 40 rolls of colour a year, 85-90% of the 6x4 prints go in albums, which believe it or not, both we and the kids look at regularly). After a few months of filling the memory card, uploading to PC then editing (deleting the shockers), we haven't looked at the pics, 'backed' them up to CD or even got any printed. At the moment I can't see myself getting enthused with this workflow once B&W film goes the way of the Dodo. I suspect someone will continue to make B&W film and I'll try to support them. We have two suppliers here in Aust that I'll be confident of continuing to import film. Either that or C-41 here we come! hmm, will Ilford contine to make XP2? I did buy a few bricks of APX-25 when that went belly up, but I don't think I'll do the same (which would have to be in much larger quanities) when the mainstream B&W manufacturers call it quits as that would just hasten the demise of the small players in the market. Buying from them now will keep them interested in make a few bucks, rather than the giants who need to make big bucks or move their capital into other areas they think they'll prosper.

As a silent protest, I won't buy anymore Ilford inkjet paper... (which is only a couple of packets a year) Bugger 'em!