This is a Kertesz image I've never seen before, either published or at exhibitions of his work.

To me the image is too busy and not typical of the simpler images I've seen of his before. Normally I only hang photographs in my home but I do have a Paris Exhibition poster of one of Kertesz NY park images.

I don't dislike this particular image, but to me it looks more like a Bresson. Moving to the Aegean I've only been able to bring a few books so far (airline weight restriction) but my first choice was one of Andre Kertesz's work.

I've been lucky to see three major exhibitions of his work, two were of modern enlargements but the highlight was original contemporary prints made at the time 30's -60's, much smaller prints but jewel like and sparkling with a glowing quality, unlike the much later enlargements.

What's interesting is how different people respond to the same image.