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Yes my radical idea is perhaps romantic and off the cuff but actually it's practical.

Perhaps you are blinkered by your Ilford links, there's very few good darkroom suppliers now left in the UK.

That's why I think we should buy into the former Eastern block manufacturers.

I'm certainly not blinkered, just practical and prepared to face reality. Before I made my living in photography I was an accountant and worked for both large multi nationals and small family companies and if the company does not make a profit it cannot function. Traditional wet photography has been threatened for a few years now and it was inevetable that when sales dropped below a certain level companies involved were going to cut their losses and that's what has happened at Ilford. I'm as upset as everyone else and on two fronts, one because I happen to like and use most of their traditional products and two because they are a client and I'm likely to lose work.

The idea that Forte are more interested in their clients than companies like Ilford is nonsense, Ilford care very much, from the top boss down to the ladies who packed the paper into the boxes in the darkroom and that's not idle chatter I've spent a lot of time with them all and I know it to be a fact.

We will still find a supply of traditional materials but unless we are prepared to pay the premium prices that will be asked they too will go the way that Ilford seem to be going. As a matter of interest I intend to speak to the people in Ilford that I deal with about the situation and will post what information I can.