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Joe, if I calculated it right your internal volume on your silver bath is about 2L. I read somewhere (I haven't received coffer's manual yet) that the bath is 9% AgNO3. If that's correct that's 180g to fill your bath up. That gets pricey....
Sounds like it's the most expensive part of the process that I have noticed so far.

I figure it is about 2.25 liters and $200 worth of silver nitrate. I've been fortunate so far since I have received a bunch of silver nitrate as a gift and found an old pound bottle of it in an antique shop for $5. And, I have smaller tanks of the same design for doing smaller plates. The capacity of a 1/4-plate tank is probably 20% of the big one.

The collodion and ether are both about $50/500ml so that is fairly pricey too.

Some of the glass I use is $15/square foot. Ouch.

But it is all worth it. Wetplate is so much fun and looks like nothing else.