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The glass is there not just to press for sharpness, but to assure absolute contact, to prevent Newton rings, which is what you will get, sooner or later without the glass,
Thanks for the comments but are you shure this is what you intended to say? How can Newton rings form without an overlay glass? I can't imagine they would form between the two emulsions.

I guess another way of thinking of things in the OP is that I think enlarger light is "TOO COLLUMATED" and acts like the proverbial "point source" enlarger light used for projection printing. I have heard of a few souls who use this type of light for projection printing, but the reason I use a diffuse light, when projection printing, is minimization of dust and scratches.

I agree with you that I need to make some prints, but my darkroom is only dark during the night so I need to do something while waiting for it to get dark

In practical terms I think I will buy the Bostic-Sullivan 8x10 frame, but unitll it arrives I want to test the two scenerios from the OP.

That is, make a contact print WITHOUT an overly glass (ie just negative sitting ontop of the paper) with the enlarger high up.

Then try using my heavy dirty scratched glass over the negative with a diffuse light source.

I have already used the dirty scratched glass with the enlarger as a light source and it was possibly the worst print I ever made (in terms of dust and scratches, and thus the reason for the original post) Though If I were to go for a Joel-Peter Witkin look it might be OK