I'd be interested in a weeknight shoot here in NYC.

BTW: I don't think the Hunt's Point market is at all dangerous - you folks have to stop watching those CSI shows! But it's not convenient to the subway and even quite a schlep from the nearest bus stop. After all it's a terminal and designed for truck traffic, not pedestrian tourists!

Jersey Vic - I cannot think of an El station that has much of a view of Midtown Manhattan's skyline from LIC or Astoria. Too many intervening buildings in the way.

You'd be better off going over to the shoreline near the new condos and co-ops by the Pepsi sign. I think there's a new promenade along there, Take the 7 to the 21st and Ely station and walk westward to the waterfront.

Warning though - it's highly civilized and upscale over there and derelict photographers may draw a jaundiced eye!

Another possibility is the pedestrian walkway over the Queensborough Bridge - although with all the reconstruction going on - I'm not up to date if it is open.

An alternative for Lower Manhattan is the Brooklyn Bridge walkway - but on a nice weather evening it will be very crowded.

Sorry about your vehicle - but at least the deer meat is now tenderized!