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MMMMM- Glycin-TEA. Yummm! Is Glycin superadditive with phenidone? Will you try the same proportions of developing agent:TEA as these other formulae? What working characteristics would you expect from a glycin-TEA developer? I look forward to learning your findings.
Me too!

I'm starting with an Ansco-130 type formulation split into 2 parts:

A Solution

Triethanolamine 130ml
Metol 4.4 grams
Hydroquinone 22 grams
Potassium Bromide 11 grams
Glycin 22 grams
Triethanolamine to make 200ml

B Solution

Water 700 ml
Sodium Sulfite 100 grams
Sodium Carbonate 160 grams
Water to 1 liter

Working solution: 50 ml A + 250 ml B + 700 ml water

If this works ok (in other words like Ansco 130), I will try replacing the Hydroquinone (22 grams) with Pyrocatechol (18 grams).

Another obvious experiment is to replace the Sodium Carbonate entirely with TEA.