I'm another former Azo printer and have found that Kentona comes closest of all in matching tonality with Azo. In fact, I like it (Kentona) better. I would very much like to see two grades of Kentona. The current grade is pretty good for a lot of negatives. But there is a definite need for a grade 3. Just yesterday I ran into this. I needed a little more contrast punch and wound up making the print with Slavich grade 3.

Since losing Azo, I've been torn between using Slavich or Kentona as my standard paper. Right now, Slavich has two points making it more attractive. One is the option of single weight. I don't HAVE to have SW but I do like it. The second point is the availability of grades 2, 3, and 4. However, I do like the tone and tonality of Kentona and would prefer to standardize with it.

I don't mind the surface texture; from a "normal" viewing distance, I can't see the difference, even viewing it side by side with a print of the standard glossy surface.