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Brush develop those massive sheets one negative at a time. Absolutely beautiful results and I have never scratched a negative with a brush.Being clumsy and gouging one with a nail coming out of the wash ...yes. But never during development. When understanding brush development and what agitation means with a pyro/metol developer like WD2D... you'll see results that will put a smile on your face. Robert
Correct me if I am wrong here but WD2D when the two parts are mixed is an acidic one shot developer that can only last a very limited amount of time in the tray. How many sheets can you brush develop in one developer tray without adding more carbonate to the solution and changing the ionic chemical activity ratio? Two sheets maybe? If you have the time and willing to be that patient then good for you.

I can get two batches of six sheets of 8x20 done at one time out of a single developer mixing in a single 16x20 tray with zero scratches. I have a dedicated 8x20 sheet film washer that takes six sheets at a time so I do not have to concern myself about scratching sheet film in the wash tray.