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But the surest way to bury them is for the largest chatting community in the world - on the net - to start looking for alternatives as soon as there is a rumour started.
Conversely what about those of us who have been using mainly alternatives for many years. I can honestly say that after years using Ilford films first FP3 & HP3 then mainly FP4 with XP1&2 for Rock concert work I switched to Agfa AP25 & AP100 then the APX versions, as well as also using Tmax100 for larger format work and at the same time from Ilford papers to Agfa as well. That was over 16 years ago.

As a photographer you need to have intimate knowledge of how to get the best from your materials, but market forces also bring about change Agfa B&W films are harder to buy off the shelf here in the UK so for large format I switched entirely to Tmax 100, likewise with paper switching in this case to Forte (Classic Arts) Polywarmtone.

Should I feel disloyal in not supporting / buying from our leading UK manufacturer, perhaps - I'm not sure, what I do know is their products are superb, but so are those from Kodak, Agfa etc and it's a free market.

The truth is that in my case I've almost totally stopped using my 35mm and Medium format kit in favour of digital, for what I want the quality is higher. This leaves the serious work to large format B&W plus the odd bit of colour