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I've never know a photographer who doesn't consider darkroom work pure drudgery. Sometimes supremely exhilarating, yes. But always necessary, and always drudgery. Especially when you have to clean up after a session is over and you're tired, and it's late, and you've got to be bright eyed and bushy tailed in a few hours when you're back in the real world. Perhaps Mr. Barnbaum doesn't have to clean up his own darkroom. Replacing the traditional wet darkroom with a computer can make it all a pleasure again, and THAT, not dogged dedication to a grueling archaic process, is what makes for great photography.
Bruce cleans his own darkroom and very well. He also is one of the luddites who doesn't care much for computers. You should meet him. He is a very warm and caring personable man. I'm sure many here will voice the same sentiment.

BTW I don't consider darkroom work drudgery. I think of it as magic.