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I've never know a photographer who doesn't consider darkroom work pure drudgery. Sometimes supremely exhilarating, yes. But always necessary, and always drudgery. Especially when you have to clean up after a session is over and you're tired, and it's late, and you've got to be bright eyed and bushy tailed in a few hours when you're back in the real world. Perhaps Mr. Barnbaum doesn't have to clean up his own darkroom. Replacing the traditional wet darkroom with a computer can make it all a pleasure again, and THAT, not dogged dedication to a grueling archaic process, is what makes for great photography.

Could not disagree more Bill, in my own case I do not mind darkroom work at all - so there goes the first statement. Clean up is necessary with any task, Yes even computers need clean house keeping. It just depends on what YOU enjoy. I work with computers day in and day out, THAT is drudgery..be it 8-5 or 2 a.m. - it pays the bills, but provides no thrills.

Hope you get as much enjoyment from your new technology that I do from something you see as grueling and archaic. Good Luck