Crystal Archive is excellent paper. It comes in three flavours, but I have only used two, C and P. C has a bit more punch and contrast than P. The difference is probably less than 1 grade in B&W. It works well with most films I've tried and I am told especially well with fuji films. I have seen fuji product labeled Professional Crystal Archive and product label Crystal Archive. I am not sure if there is a difference -- I have only used the stuff labeled Professional.

I know portrait and wedding photographers who prefer Kodak's Portra or Fuji's P and will even go so far as to hate the other. I suspect if you shoot one film and require extreme colour fidelity the nuances become something much larger.

The closest thing to an ilfochrome would be FujiFlex or kodak's DuraFlex. They are palastic photographic 'papers' with extremely high gloss, apparent if not realy high resolving power and the most punch of anything done using RA4. The Kodak seems about 50% heaveir than the Fuji and both mark, scratch and show fingerprints readly.

Both are standard RA4. Meaning they don't require the processor to run at half speed like DuraTrans or DuraClear. Kodak now sells theirs under the Endura label, which claims archival longevity. I am not sure if fujiFlex has the same longevity as Crystal Archive.

FWIW I prefer the newer Kodak papers over the Fuji's. I believe that the film you use will make a difference, but my stuff tends never to get muddy on any paper.